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Jasmine Petals/Yin Hao

SKU: 148201

This Yin Hao grade Jasmine, from the Fujian province, is the most popular scented tea in China. This fragrant tea is completely hand-made with green tea steamed to absorb the fragrant jasmine blossoms the day they are picked. Using twice as much jasmine as tea, the scenting may continue for up to a month. Although the petals are carefully sorted and removed, some petals are intentionally left in for the beauty of the tea.
The delicate leaf produces a golden color with an intense perfume and sublime, gentle liquor and soothing and warming flavor.
Brew with spring water at a temperature of 170° to 180° for 2 minutes.
Contains: Green tea leaves, jasmine petals

Jasmine Petals/Yin Hao
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